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[UnityAsset] Retro Look Pro

Retro Look Pro is a Unity advanced Post-processing effects pack. Fantastic oldschool,retro,CRT/TV/VHS/80s/90s effects · By Limitless Development


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Retro Look Pro v2.8.1 Released!
v2.8.1 HDRP fixed resolution change issue v2.8.0 • Fixed Example Scene for URP • Added VHS Tape Rewind scene (URP, Built-In) • Added VHS Tape Rewind effec...
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Retro Look Pro v2.7 update is released !
Retro Look Pro v2.7 update is released ! Changelog : • Mask effects with texture or render texture feature • Apply effects to any layer separately (URP & Bu...
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Retro Look Pro v2.3 Update
v2.3 HDRP support. artefacts shaders merged noise shaders merged Colormap palette new dither textures fixed dithering on some platforms Added: new Analog TV noi...
v 2.1.1
v_2.1.1 New Warp effect New Vignette effect New Cinematic bars effect Improved TV effect: added warp parameters Improved VHS effect: added blending modes, strip...
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[UPDATE] Retro Look Pro v2
v_2.0.1 added RGB split angle control in VHS effect added Custom bleed curves to PP2 effects new Glitch effect added 20 new Noise textures bugfixes v_2.0 Lightw...
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Retro Look Pro v1.2
v_1.2 - New Colormap filter feature. - 31 color presets. - Bug fixes...
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Retro Look v1.1
UPDATE!!! Added new Bottom stretch and noise effects. Encreased perfomance. Added abillity to adjust parameters from your scripts. Bug fixes...
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I want to use this for a 2D game and was wondering if it would work with regular sprites in a regular unity 2d project...
started by Niblet Feb 26, 2022
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Hi! I would like to know if there is a option to apply the effects in only one part of the screen. It is because I am ma...
started by Gamerafa73 May 28, 2020
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Does this post-processing effects pack affects UI elements? Works in Unity 2D?
started by Gamerafa73 May 28, 2020
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